Orthodontics is the part of odontology occupied with the correct alignment of the teeth. Nowadays, treatments are as frequent for children as for adults of all ages. Generally, the sooner an alteration is discovered, the simpler the treatment. It is even advisable to check children from 4 years of age upwards in order to rule out or detect and prevent possible important alterations. Treatments, however, do not tend to begin until some years later. However, orthodontics tends to confront problems which go way beyond simply moving and aligning teeth. On many occasions it must also correct alterations in position and growth of the maxillas, or even the facial profile.

For all these reasons, it is extremely important to carry out a correct study of each case, both in children and adults. To do so, nowadays we have sophisticated computer programmes which enable us to analyse the profile of the face and teeth, superimpose it with x-rays and carry out hundreds of cephalometric analyses in very little time. They also allow us to calculate the degree of growth that we may anticipate and even see simulated images of the patients profile and the end result depending on the type of treatment used.

At our orthodontics unit, we are convinced of the importance in the prevention of dental extractions, usually done to create space, although these methods are the easier option, seldom are they the more benefitial, distorting the shape of the face and provoking mandibular retrusion (bird-face). All of this including all the studies carried out on impressions (moulds of the teeth), Computers analysis of dental occlusion (correct lacing of teeth) and the expertise of the clinics orthodontic TMJ team at the clinic Padros, thus allowing us to provide correct and consistent treatment.

Advances in the field of orthodontic materials and techniques allow more comfortable and aesthetic treatments each time. Therefore, for example, there are white braces or even treatments with lingual technique (all the wires and braces are placed on the inside face of the teeth), although this requires more complex techniques and longer consultations. Some cases may be resolved with removable apparatus which some patients consider to be more comfortable.

More recently an even more convenient and aesthetic new technique has appeared. The Invisalign© procedure. After appropriate study and planning, a whole series of transparent dental splints are created which can be removed for eating or brushing teeth and which facilitate an orthodontic treatment which is practically invisible and very comfortable. Padrós Clinic has been an official authorised Invisalign© centre for some time now.